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“Platforms based on Human Rights Regulations. What actions can be put in place? Italian and European Initiatives“

“Platforms based on Human Rights Regulations. What actions can be put in place? Italian and European Initiatives“

COVID 19 crisis showed very clearly. Modern states are not anymore able to reach all their citizens without passing through intermediaries, even in times of crisis. The use of traditional media (as it happened in the past) is not enough anymore and the use of social media obliges governments to pass through foreign platforms to reach its own citizens. There are more European on g-mail then on any other national mail service. If a state is not anymore able to reach his citizens, could be still considered “sovereign” ?

The next step, always showed by COVID19 crisis, will be the suspension of “privacy rights” of the citizens in the name of the “right to health and life”. What will happen (once that the crisis is over) with these data and information, especially if in the meantime these data have gone outside the concerned country ?


All recent elections in many countries (Italy included) have seen a predominance of social media and instant media on traditional media in the political discourse.

The use of fake news as a propaganda tool became routinely and -as effect- produces division and polarization in society. This bring to society where fact-based discussions, are leaving the place to emotionally driven discussion, sometime with no rational ground. Are these changes affecting (or will affect) the tenure of democracy ?

ACTIONS: Legislation or co-regulation? In Italy AGCOM has issued the “Regolamento recante disposizioni in materia di rispetto della dignità umana e del principio di non discriminazione e di contrasto all’hate speech”, the Revenge Porn law. In Europe (….)? In the world?




1) In Italy, during the COVID-19 pandemic, a very significant experience was developed concerning the creation of components for lung respirators and modification of existing breathing equipment through 3D printers. This has been done by sharing the instructions necessary for their reproduction through the “Open Source” logic. This emergency experience shows how a new production method is taking root. It would be interesting to understand how this can generate a universal production model that starts precisely from the logic of the network, its potential and innovation, and what the demand of new skills and future works will be.



2) To meet the demand and offer of jobs among young people and businesses new initiatives have been developed in Italy including the activation of digital platforms that share the demand of new skills and the related training. As an example, the innovative “Tipo” platform funded by the Tim and Infocamere Foundation was presented during IGF Italia 2019. Tipo platform fosters the activation of young communities, addresses them towards training and job opportunities, promotes dialogue between young people and the businesses (they use Tinder app ).


1) Theme 1 will be discussed during IGF Italia 2020. 2) The “Tipo” platform is available here: https://innovafiducia.org/tipo/. The topic was covered during IGF Italia 2019. The audio is available here(Click here):