South Korea national IGF 2019

Qui l’articolo in inglese che presenta l’evento “South Korea national IGF” 2019


Dear NRI Colleagues and Friends


Tomorrow, Friday 5 July 2019, South Korea Internet Governance Forum(Kr-IGF) will take place in Seoul.

Proceedings are in Korean (partly in English). The plenary sessions and workshops will be webcast

through Youtube Livestream Channel. Seoul is on Korea Standard Time (KST) is 9 hours ahead of

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). We would like to share valuable experinece and discussion with you.


View on Livestream:

Agenda and Official site :

Facebook :


On July 5, the 8th South Korea’s Internet Governance Forum(KrIGF) will be held in Sejong University

Convention Center located in Seoul. This meeting has eight workshops and three tutorials as follows.

The main theme of 2019 would be “ Sustainable Internet, Governing Together”. The KIGA, Korea Internet

Governance Alliance hosts the annual KrIGF event. As a coalition of private and public sector KIGA brings

diverse stakeholders together to participate in the dialogue on Internet related policies. In the meeting,

workshop sessions consists of three sub tracks: Internet for All, Safe Internetand Internet As a Rosource. 

The Internet for All track has workshop sessions titled ‘What Youth Want from the Internet’, ‘Providing

Internet Access to Poor Countries in terms of Sustainable Development Goals’, and ‘Governing Together:

Multistakeholder Approach’. Safe Internet track offers ‘The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence in

Cybersecurity and Responses’ and ‘Cybersecurity and Democratic Governance’. Then, Internet As a Rosource 

track covers ‘Labour and Platform Economy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution’, ‘GDPR Implementation

and WHOIS Domain Registrars’ Privacy’, and ‘The Future of Net Neutrality Regulation: Network Fee for

Cache Server, Network Slicing, and Zero Rating’. In addition, tutorial sessions will provide general

information on the subjects of ‘Using Numbers In a Second Level Domain Names’ ‘Analyzing Open

Data from Participatory Platforms’ and ‘Double-edged AI Applications and Ethics and Governance of AI’.

The event has been funded by the Ministry of Science and ICT of Korean Government, Naver Corp., Kakao

Corp., and Hankyul Law Group. All of you are kindly invited to attend workshops and tutorials

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